Torrevieja Bus Station

Check the timetable of all bus routes. 

The Torrevieja bus station is located at Calle del Mar, 40.

Torrevieja Bus Station

 Address: Calle del Mar, 40 (main entrance for pedestrians) or Calle Antonio Machado, 137 (entrance and exit of buses).

 Torrevieja bus station telephone: call mentioning Torrevieja.com at: 96 571 01 46 – 96 571 04 49 (Avanza)

 The station has a taxi rank as well as a cafe, toilets and a newspaper kiosk.

 Check the urban and outer area bus schedule as well as the route that goes daily between Torrevieja – Alicante – Murcia and Cartagena.


 At Torrevieja bus station, bus tickets are sold to go from Torrevieja to some of the most important cities in Spain, e.g. Alicante, Murcia, Madrid and Bilbao.

 The company that provides the bus service in Torrevieja (previously called Costa Azul) is Avanza.

 Other bus companies such as ALSA, provide a long distance service connecting the city of Torrevieja with Madrid, Madrid Airport, Albacete, Villena, León and Valladolid.

 The Bilmanbus company makes long-distance bus trips from Torrevieja to Bilbao, Irún, Logroño, Pamplona, ​​Santander, San Sebastian, Tolosa, Tudela and Vitoria.

You can buy tickets for the route from Torrevieja to Alicante airport at the bus station.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Where is the Torrevieja bus station?

    On Calle del Mar, 40

  2. How much is the bus ticket from Torrevieja to Alicante airport?

    € 7 ordinary rate.  Over 65 years = € 4.90

  3.   How can I get by bus from Torrevieja to Zenia Boulevard shopping centre?

    There is a direct service that leaves from the bus station and 2 more services to Pilar de la Horadada that stop at Zenia Boulevard.

  4. What is the price of the Torrevieja urban bus ticket?

    The cost of this service for users who are not registered in Torrevieja or who do not have a Citizen card, is €1.35 per trip.

  5. How can I get by bus from Torrevieja to the Habaneras shopping center?

    Take Line B, with stops at Carrefour, Habaneras Shopping Center and La Torreta, El Limonar and San Luis areas.

  6. What is the telephone number of the Torrevieja bus station?

    Call mentioning Torrevieja.com: 96 571 01 46 or 96 571 04 49 (Avanza).



 LINE A – Torrevieja – La Mata

 This line connects the city of Torrevieja with the district of La Mata making a round trip along the entire coast.

The start of the line is at the Eras de la Sal bus interchange and ends at Calle Mayor de La Mata.

 The duration of the entire journey is approximately 40 minutes.

We recommend using this line as a tourist route along the Torrevieja coast with beautiful views of the beaches.

 LINE A2 – Torrevieja – La Mata by Avenida de Paris

 Circular urban bus line that connects Torrevieja with La Mata inland (via Avenida de París).

 Start of the route is at Hotel Fontana and the end of the route at Calle Mayor de La Mata.

 Approximate duration of the journey: 60 minutes.

 LINE B – Torrevieja – Turrets

 Bus line from Torrevieja to Carrefour, Habaneras Shopping Center and La Torreta, El Limonar and San Luis urbanizations.

 LINE C – Torrevieja – Lomas

 Bus line with a stop at the Quirón Hospital in Torrevieja, at the La Loma Health Centre, the Friday market and at the sports centre.

 LINE D-F- Torrevieja – Los Altos – Rocio del Mar

 This line reaches the south of Torrevieja.  Bus with stops at the Acequión Health Center and the Torrevieja Hospital.

 LINE E – Torrevieja – Los Balcones – Lago Jardin

 Bus with stops in Los Balcones, Torrevieja Hospital, La Loma Health Center, Acequión Health Center, Hotel Fontana and Hotel Doña Monse.

 Line G – Torrevieja – San Luis Urbanization

 Bus with stops at Carrefour, San Luis Health Center and Torrevieja Local Police.


 Bus from Torrevieja to Alicante Airport

 This line runs every day of the year.  There are no stops.  The price of the bus ticket to Alicante airport is € 7.

 Bus from Torrevieja to Alicante

 Destination: Alicante bus station.  To get to the train station (Renfe) it is recommended to take a taxi or go well in advance (it takes about 15 minutes on foot).

 Bus from Torrevieja to Zenia Boulevard Shopping Center

 With stops in the center of Torrevieja, Hotel Fontana, Rocío del Mar, Playa Flamenca, and Via Park.

 Bus from Torrevieja to Pilar de la Horadada

 Bus from Torrevieja to Pilar with stops at: Mil Palmeras, Campoamor, Zenia Boulevard.

 Bus from Pilar de la Horadada to Alicante

 With stops at: Mil Palmeras, Campoamor, Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre and Torrevieja.

 Orihuela Costa bus timetable

 Bus from the Orihuela Costa to Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre.  With a stop at La Zenia, Villamartin and at the Orihuela Costa Town Hall.

 Bus from Torrevieja to Murcia
 Bus from Torrevieja to Elche
 Bus from Torrevieja to Orihuela
 Bus from Torrevieja to Los Montesinos

Torrevieja Bus station map

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