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Johnny English reborn

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  • Johnny English reborn

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    Good Morning
    I have been accessing cinema information regarding films in english at the Ozone cinema in Torrevieja via this website for some time now but in the last 12 weeks have made at least four trips to the cinema (which is a distance of around 70 km as I do not live in the immediate area) but have found that the films listed are not in VO ie with english via headphones.
    Last night was yet another example when we drove up to Torrevieja to see Friends with Benefits to find that it was not in english but is advertised as such on the Cartelera del Cine plus the english part of your website.
    I appreciate that sometimes these things can be just a clerical error but it would save us a lot of time and expense if the information could be clarified before posting on the webpage as it is very frustrating to arrive looking forward to a film and find that it is not showing. Many thanks for any help on this matter.


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      It is not an administrative error.

      In, published every Friday the cinema billboard that we are received from Cines IMF.

      Once published the cinema billboard, we carefully check that is correct.

      The problem is due to last minute changes that made ​​from cinemas IMF and are not reported.

      We recommend that before you move, please telephone to confirm IMF cinemas.

      Cines IMF phone number