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    Hiya Loopy lou, If you know what day you're getting your keys you can pre-book your alarm so you could get it fit the next's really easy. I think dad has sent you the details of our grill man..he wasn't the cheapest but he was good..he even came round twice after the break in to see if we were oK..I'm going to get him back when I'm over next week to strengthen the solarium door. When you get over there in May just go and see Dad if you have any questions..he'll help you out if he can.


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      HI all

      Update from our recent visit

      New wine shop opened up in Aldi parade of shops, good choice from cheap (horrible) to expensive wines available>

      Lots of work going on in the three units next to the wine shop so it seems Aldi outlets will be up and running prior to the main commercial area.

      In the commercial area, hairdressers was being fitted out. Ambra Sun (not sure of spelling) have two units that they use for offices - on Friday we couldnt park as all of thier reps were over for a mtg - The Square seemed to be doing a great great trade in coffee.



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        Hi loopy Lou
        If your Patio is more than a metre high the builders should do it for you free of charge as it is a saftey issue. We got a quote from the builders for ours and it was expensive. Best to get one of the Ukranians like Alex to do it. We are thinking of getting our patio extended before we fit our Baulistades,


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          Hi All,
          Just a word of warning about building work on your properties; some people on the urbanisation have extended their patios or have added extra rooms built in the void under their property.
          Before you go ahead with this sort of work make sure it is legal and remember that you might have to pay more tax as you are extending the living space of the property.
          We are having a shed built at the side of the house and although the builder has said it is legal and does not need planning we are still unsure, but lots of the residents have had this sort of shed built.
          Maybe some one will post more information on this!


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            I've been told that it depends what work you have done as to what permission you need to apply for. To extend my patio I don't need planning permission just a licence. I've had a couple of builders round and some have said just to do the work and not to worry about it but I think I would rather pay a little bit more to have a licence. You don't want someone from the town hall coming round in a couple of years and telling you to take it all down.


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              Playa Golf updates

              If you are making structural changes to your property, i.e. adding on a shed etc, closing in of your balcony, really you need planning permission for this from the town hall, as it is making the size of your property bigger. Also if a community hasnt been formed yet, when it is the president and the committee could ask for it to be taken down if no planning has been asked for. A lot of people do work like closing in of their balconies etc, i.e. glazing them in, but if the town planners were to come around to look at the properties, this would be classified as living space and would be different than what you signed for on your deeds and they could ask you to take it all down. Again when a community is formed their will be rules etc about what ballustrades etc and awnings should be like, colours etc, so to make sure the whole community keeps to the same sort of decor.

              So really on anything you want to do, either wait for the community to be formed, then you can ask permission of them, and if it is structural and they pass it then you have to go to the town hall to get it approved as it is making your property bigger and the deeds would have to be changed.

              Obviously the builders will tell you it is OK they want their money, so they dont care. So please all be careful. We have somebody on our urbanisation that wants to change their window to french doors as they havent got enough light coming in, our administrators told us it has to go to the AGM meeting to be approved, they must show plans of it, and then if committee at AGM approves it, then permission has to be got from town hall then, although they could still refuse it.


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                Hiya all, Just got back this morning and I just wanted to give you a quick most of you know I was burgled about 3 weeks ago...well they tried again on Monday night..only this time I was in the house at the time!!! I managed to frighten them off but everyone please be careful over there at the moment because this took place at 9.45pm...not exactly in the middle of the night!!


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                  Maybe a good idea not post on the forum when you are going to be/not going to be in Spain.


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                      The cars and motorbike you describe sound like San Jose Security. There is a white car, which a woman drives and she has her dog with her, a red car, and a motorbike. Usually two out at a time from 7pm until 8am.


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                        Hi Guys

                        Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped us out over the last couple of weeks. Freddy was a star with his tools and diy knowledge.

                        The water bills are there for collection and the electricity is due to be switched over in the next month or so.

                        The hairdressers is open and the place next to the wine shop looks like its not far off being ready.

                        Thanks again



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                          Just got back this morning so thought I'd check out the mail etc., before facing the day. and what a day !!!! after 17-18 days of sunshine compared to the wind and rain at home...can't really understand why I came home !!.During my stay some of the permanent residents have made enquiries regarding starting off the committee/ administration body etc., that will be required under Spanish law, for the running of R3......
                          As a means of being able to make immediate contact with property owners it was thought a good idea to formulate a list of email addresses.
                          I have been given some further names to add you our 'site plan' and have also been asked to include the flats...( if my PC skills are up to it, ) this will be distributed to all in the next couple of days.
                          Acting purely as a third party, would any property owners wishing to be included on the 'Email' list please please drop me a line to verify their interest...Please send it to my address as I think it prudent not to have such a list on a public forum.
                          I would appreciate anyone knowing others on R3 to make contact so we can get the list as comprehensive as possible...
                          As I mentioned, my involvement is, a point of contact only and all info will be passed onto those already investigating the forming of a committee etc.,