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Buses from Los Altos

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  • Buses from Los Altos

    I am traveling to torrevieja this summer and staying in the Los Altos area in Punta Prima. I understand there is a bus stop around the Torrejoven hotel (with big 'h' outside) on the main road (N-332) heading into torrevieja.

    What i am trying to find out is bus schedules/timetables that pass this stop on the main road. The places i would be planning on visiting are the Habaneras Shopping Centre and Aquapolis.
    Is there a bus directly from the bus stop i am at? or does this bus go to the torrevieja bus station where i would get another bus(es) to visit the places mentioned above?

    Basically if anyone could give me information of all the torrevieja bus schedules that cover the torrevieja town itself, as i do not really need information on buses that travel to other towns (alicante, murcia etc.)
    it would be superb

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    Just out side the main bus station in Torrevieja (opposite tobacco shop) is a bus stop where you get the red/white Vega bus which stops at carrefour which is also the stop to get off for habenaras and water park..


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      The bus route from los altos goes from the commercial centor at los altos and goes to torrevieja via the hospital and its route F, you can get off at the main bus station like blueboy says and then get the route B bus to the carrefours


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        Bus Timetable

        try this link. Bus timetables in english.

        F route around Los Altos . last bus about 10.30pm from torre

        Costazul Site Ok


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          Bus Company

          The Bus Company has this web-site -> Costazul Site Ok

          There are basically three services:

          1) Torrevieja service, with city buses. There is a bus-stop just by the pool of the Hotel you mention (100 meter down) and I think there is a bus every hour.

          2) The long distance bus from Cartagena to Alicante. Click on Cartagena on the mentioned web-site. The bus is usually at Punta Prima 10 minutes after the time given for Campoamor. Traffic may delay it severely.

          3) The long distance bus from Mil Palmeras to Torrevieja. Click on the Mil Palmeras icon.

          And, you can call them on the phone. They do speak English and are friendly! I use the bus-service two or three times a week, and is very happy with it.