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    How do you get your electricity connected? We are due to arrive in Spain on 2nd January and have now been told that as our builder was unable to gain entry to our apartment (they have lost the keys to our security grills) we will have no electricity when we arrive. What is the procedure you have to follow? We have called Iberdrola and they say that they cannot arrange an appointment for us this far in advance. I have been told by some friends that we will have to go to Spain and call Iberdrola when we arrive, they will call us back with an appointment date and time. Is this correct? How long usually does it take to get an appointment? I would be very grateful for any help as I am very worried about this! Thanks.

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    Persumambly, you have some keys for when you get there !!
    Normally, you are connected to the mains by the builder as a temporary measure. Contact the builder and he will be able to connect you temporarily when you arrive.

    They need to get into the flat to install Iberdrola's own fuse ( the separate end fuse) and to seal it.


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      Might be an idea to change those locks as a matter of urgency, if those keys are 'lost'.


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        Thanks for you help.
        I don't think I explained myself very clearly, we have now formed our community and the builders supply has been disconnected so we really do have no electricity and wondered if anyone knew how to arrange an appointment with Iberdrola. We have tried but as I stated in my previous post they will not arrange an appointment this far in advance.
        There must be someone else who has been in this situation.


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          Sue, I really feel for you, this is an awkward one.

          Do you have anyone in Spain holding the house keys for you, if so, these people would be the quickest way, seems obvious I know but you do not say in your posts whether you have keyholders.
          Do you have any contact with anyone in your new community who could be there to meet Iberdrola??


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            Although the complex where we have our apartment is quite big there are only 3 apartments that are occupied all the time. The rest are for holidays and letting so we haven't really got to know anyone enough to trust them with our keys.
            We will just have to stay in a hotel and try to sort it all out before we return home. Does anyone know if Iberdrola will be open during the week of 2-9 January because our builders office is closed until the 9th. If Iberdrola are closed that week then we really are stuck!!
            Thanks again to those of you who have replied!


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              Not absolutely certain but would hazard a guess that Iberdrola would only be closed on the 6th January which is a general holiday.
              As you say that they don't like making appointments too far in advance, would it perhaps be possible to contact them again a couple of days before you leave UK, say 30th/31st December and arrange something for the 3rd January.