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Bus Cabo Roig to La Zenia or Campoamor

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  • Bus Cabo Roig to La Zenia or Campoamor

    Hi there,
    I am travelling with my young kids and their elderly grandparents to Cabo Roig (strip) this summer. The grandparents have suffered injury this last year and are really unable for hills or long distances, but love the beach. Are there buses from Cabo Roig (strip) to either La Zenia, Playa Flamenca or Campoamor beaches? Where are the bus stops... or where could I find this information?
    Thanks so much for any help!
    Dee x

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    Hi Dee,
    This is an article that has run in the past. Click on this link or go to and search for “New Bus public transport service for Orihuela Costa”
    Good luck,


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      Bus cabo roig to la zenia or compamor

      Hi Dee, yes there is a bus which travels round from Playa Flamenca to La Zenia and Campoamor. You can pick up a timetable and details of the route from the Tourist Information office at the Town Hall on Playa Flamenca, or several local shops and bars also have them.


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        Better still you can download a timetable direct from the bus company at AUTOCARES COSTAZUL it wont get you near enough to Campoamor but La Zenia will be a 10min walk to the beach all you do is click on Cartagena it will bring up the timetable


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          The bus goes from the chemist to the beach in campoamor, but if you take any of the left turns towards the sea before the chemist you can reach the small beach before the main Campoamor beach and its not too far a walk from the Cabo Roig strip. The bus goes to La Zenia and Playa Flamenca but not to the beach.


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            Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. Sorry for not getting back sooner.

            We will be staying near the 24hr shop // Bushwacka and my parents would definitely not manage the slip to Cala Capitan or the long walk and hill down to Playa de la Regia (Aguamarina)
            On the map I think the nearest stop would be (no.1) Farmacia (Balcon dehesa) and go one stop to Campoamor beach (Playa de la Glea, no.2). Does the bus go in both directions between stop 1 and stop 2, so that they could use it for their return trip?

            Also can anyone recommend a good taxi number for taxi-ing them up and down from the beach.

            Thanks so much


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              I have looked at the map I posted and the bus goes in both directions on that section of the route just clicl on the link


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                thanks sping! thought so 2, just wanted to check. rgds d