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    I have had my bank account in Torrevieja since 2001. Initially it was Halifax which became Lloyds and is now being taken over by Sabadell. Having just received their guide on fees from 15 March 2014 I see that we will be charged €50 a year maintenance fee which seems quite a lot. At least with Lloyds we get free transfers from our UK Halifax account to our Spanish Lloyds account. Does anyone know of a more competitively priced banking establishment in Torrevieja because I am certainly up for changing!!!

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    Most banks offer free banking on current accounts but there are terms and conditions like minimum balance, monthly credits etc also those who are at pension age should be able to arrange free banking - this includes Sabadell, the trick is to ask and sometimes negotiate. More is available than is commonly thought.............


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      Dear Bob, You need to be careful with Banks here as in the UK: For example, they can say "free transfers" but give you terrible exchange rates, which can cost you a great deal in the long run. My advice is to use a currency company for transfers not the Bank. We work with a good one, Moneycorp, and I use them personally for a regular monthly transfer. I think it saves me a lot. If you would like to email me, I will get them to call you and tell you more about them and the monthly transfer service.


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