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Those who are buying on Play Golf III pls note below

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  • Hi everyone on Playa Golf 3 - it is a rainy bank holiday Monday in UK, so here I am looking for something interesting to do, and have found this forum. Hope my message puts it back to the top of the list as I have found some very informative things on here. Wish I had found this site a few months ago as we were burgled back in March. At that time we had the security alarm fitted, but late, we know that now.

    We have an apartment in the Tulipans on R3, and must say a huge thank you to Gordon & Jean who have been so patient with the builders, insurance company, painter, the workmen who didn't turn up when expected and also the problems we have had with the alarm recently. The burglary was on 20 March and only last week we think we are finally at the end of repairs - new door, plasterwork, painting, etc. but the alarm is still a problem!!

    Hope to make it over for a long weekend at some time during the next couple of months, but we are already booked for 2 weeks on 5th October and if anyone is available, Tony would love to have a game of golf because I am not a golfer (yet ). He has an 11 handicap.

    We are planning to retire to PG III in May 2009, but in the meantime hope to meet up with some of our neighbours in Alfies or The Square at some time.

    Sandie (and Tony)


    • It's nice to see another owner contributing to this forum, it has been a useful way of keeping in touch...good luck with your retirement plans and I hope your next visits are trouble free..


      • Hi Sandie
        We have a property on Playa Golf 111 it's a White lilly opposite phase two. Sorry about your break in back in March we'd heard about it as we were over there when it happend. We have found the forum very helpful and have met a lot of very nice people through it. We will be there in October. so if Tony wants a game of Golf I will gladly have a game with him. I have played three of the coarses in the area. There are also lots of golf societies I played with one called the Happy Wanderers. They are based at La Finca and are a very good bunch of lads. They made me very welcome.

        Phil & Sheila

        My E mail is


        • Hi Reject,

          Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your break in, glad you are finally sorted.

          Sorry we don't play golf but i'm sure there are plenty of people who do.

          The commercial centre at Aldi is coming on there is a tea room opening and what looks like a bar/restaurant.

          Freddy my parents are over when you are met Tracey last week its good to put a face to the name.

          A few more have sold on R3 so hopefully some more neighbours.

          Hi to everyone we will be back over soon.

          Louise x


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            • Joe, just got my bank statement, I have had a deduction of 50Euros but its the first payment since March when we paid c110 euros but that was the very first bill and I think included some connection costs.