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help please finding a water filter system

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  • help please finding a water filter system

    hi can anybody recommend a good quality company supplying/installing a water filter system for drinking water ??? thank you

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    Where do you live blindman if you are in San Miguel save your money otherwise try H20 they seem OK you will find them if you put it in the search engine


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      Pureflo are another company, they have been around for ages.
      you can ring them on 966 791626 or mobile 656649221


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        hi we had a pure flo system in the past , but now they are installing something different which is awful,we had lots of problems and even contacted pureflo the manufacturer back in the uk, they have dont have anything to do with this company and they are not happy with them using there trade name. they even offered to send me a system over from the uk, but i would rather have somebody over here, but would rather buy bottled water than deal with


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          Be careful when using people to install water filter systems for you, because when you need to replace the filter your only option is to have the filter installed by them and they can be very expensive. Best buying the parts and installing one yourself, much cheaper.



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            Hi I'm new to the forum, so if I make mistakes please excuse me.
            My husband is a fitter for genuine Pureflo water filters here in Costa Blanca. All of the filters he uses are covered by the Pureflo UK garantee and come directly from Pureflo in England.
            If anyone is still interested in a water filter or filter change please contact him on:
            966 765 665 or mobile 670 601 879


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              water filters

              my husband is a water filter fitter. he only uses genuine Pureflo products which come direct from the manufacturers (Pureflo) in England. If you are still interested please phone 966 765 665 or mobile 670 601 879. Thanks.


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                hi thanks
                for your replies, i spoke to pureflo back in the uk they stressed that there filters are designed for treating water in england , they are aware filters do get fitted in spain but this has not been tested and so cant comment on the quality of the drinking water
                we got a filter fitted from tom and jenny who install aquapure filters they are an american manufacturers and are fitted in millions of homes around the world
                we are very pleased with the system and would recommend them to anyone


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                  Hi guys, sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm in need of a decent water filter. I've gone through various guides and articles: How To Build A Water Filter some say you should build one etc.. some say its best just to by a filtration system..

                  I'm confused now and I just need some recommendations, build or buy?

                  Edit: I found "berville" filter on amazon, is this a good make?


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                    Hello Tess,
                    I've been using a waterfilter for about nine months that I bought in the big ferreteria in Los Montesinos. It fits on the outside of the tap, and switches on or off. It only costs around €20 for a whole kit and the refills cost €5 and last three months. It works very well, but make sure you run the water for a while after fitting and after changing the filter. Unfortunately I discarded the packaging some time ago, but if you're interested I'll pop in next time I'm passing and get the name of it. I remember that it's in a blue box!!!