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    Just €1 Appeal | UK Shopping in Spain

    Just €1 Appeal
    If you´ve arrived at this page, I guess you´ve heard about the wild fires that have destroyed parts of Mojacar and surrounding areas. The last fire on Thursday 23 July 2009, was the second in just over a week and wreaked havoc throughout the Sierra Cabrera; from Cortijo Grande all the way to Sopalmo.

    Needless to say the effects have been devasting to the residents of Mojacar and the many visitors who regularly come here to enjoy this magical place.

    We live in Mojcar and got to experience the fire up-close and personal when we were evacuated from our house. Thankfully, we´re all safe & sound. However, we realise just how lucky we´ve been as the fire stopped just a few metres from our house. Sadly, many people were not so lucky and have sustained damage to their homes or businesses.

    So rather than feeling helpless, we came up with an idea and we´d like your help.

    Just €1 Appeal

    We´re sponsoring a campaign called the Just €1 Appeal, where we´re asking you to donate one Euro to a fund we´ve set up to help people in Mojacar who´ve been affected by the fire.

    Why Are We Only Asking for €1?

    We understand that the current financial situation means money´s tight for many people. However, one Euro is an amount that most people can easy afford to donate without breaking the bank. We know there are many of you out there who love Mojacar as much as we do so here´s your chance to help. One Euro isn´t a lot to ask and if we all work together, it won´t be long before we putting a smile back on the face of Mojacar.

    How to Make a Donation

    Making a donation to the Appeal is easy. To donate €1 simply click on the PayPal Donate button below. You don´t need a PayPal account to make a donation and you can make your payment safely through PayPal´s secure website.

    Alternatively, if you´re in the Mojacar area, you can make a donation in person by popping into our shop Rohha Lifestyle on the Paseo Mediterraneo. We´re in the parade of shops between the Hotel El Puntazo and the Estanco No.1 (Newsagents).

    We´ve started the ball rolling and everyone here at UK Shopping in Spain has made a donation.

    We look forward to updating you on how the Appeal is going and thanks in advance for your help.

    Keith & Jenny Stephen

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    There is no paypal donate button ??


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      You collect 10,000 euros, what will you do with it exactly? Who decides where it goes and to who?


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        Uk Shopping In Spain - Consumer Advisor

        Originally posted by Chrisdee View Post
        You collect 10,000 euros, what will you do with it exactly? Who decides where it goes and to who?
        In response to your difficulty in understanding the post I have highlighted the appropriate areas to help you. Should you feel a further simpler version would help you specifically please do contact the proprietors named at the foot of the post. Full contact details can be sourced at the web page ukshoppinginspain. I do hope this helps you.
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          Chrisdee you are quite correct to ask questions as for the response you got the answer from me as the dragons would say is "I'm Out" you'll get nowt due to poor attidude and I would have thought the moderator who is hell bent on getting people not to advertise on the forum