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Computer Nerds.

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  • Computer Nerds.

    Isn’t it amazing, all the kids now go to University and they all come away with Degrees – Education devalued or what?
    Then they all work with computers.
    What a pity then that they have no knowledge of basic English!
    You have only to look at a few websites to find the most school boyish howlers.
    They have no conception of the difference between: There, their or they’re, or your and you’re, or of the different meaning of words like: Aloud and allowed!
    We know that dumbing down favours the present government, but where do we go from here?
    Will we soon be conversing in Text speak, that irritating nonsense that arrives unordered on your mobile phone or will these latest computer nerds invent another toy for everyone to play with.
    Anyway, TTFN LOL !!!