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    Hi i am trying to find a local spanish state school for my daughter who will be 7 when we move to spain in Sept 09. I cant find any information about schools in my area on the internet. I have heard Los Dolses and Playa Flamenca mentioned a few times on forums. I am completely lost. We will be living in the los altos area, we are just of the punta prima roundabout on the N332. Any info will be really helpful. Thanks

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    Quite often when you live on the outskirts in an urb like los altos, you'll most likely not have a local state school, but your town hall (ayuntamiento) will appoint the school nearest to you that has a school bus passing near to you so that your children don't have to walk too far. These buses normally have the option of coming home for lunch too, then take the kids back later on.

    What you need to do is find out whether your town hall would be Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa and then get in touch directly with them.

    Do remember though - the local state school won't be speaking English in the classes (except obviously during English lessons) so might be an idea to find an international school first off to allow your kids to learn the language. Alternatively, if the kids are very young, immersion in a Spanish school, when they will be speaking English at home can be the best thing to do - they will grow up completely bilingual increasing employment opportunities.

    Good luck with your move!


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      Hi, I moved here (not far from you) in September 08 with my 7 year old and put him in an international school called Mar Azul where he is doing well and very happy. He is dyslexic and would have struggled in a Spanish school but my friends with younger children seem very happy with Los Dolses and San Miguel de Salinas schools. My friends find the communication with the school a little difficult but the standard of teaching seems very good. I don't know if you know but children at state schools break for lunch for a few hours and the children usually go home.