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    Hi my wife is spanish and she is thinking about setting up spanish lessons for kids and adults. 1 of her ideas is for the adults is to take them out on a fun day around a spanish town with a spanish group and try to make things more fun instead of just being taught in a classroom. She has lots of ideas but is not sure would there be any interest in this. I told her i would post here to see if people think there would be any interest. it would hopefully turn into a great social thing while also being practical learning spanish along the way
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    Spanish realy good idea

    I would love to join your wife for Spanish fun days what a lovely idea . But I am only in Spain for an average of 4 weeks due to present commitments .

    Would she accept others like myself who may like to join her on a regular basis when in Spain ie 4 lessons a month x 4 months = 16

    Regards Soupie


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      Sounds good to me too, but also I am not in Spain as often as I would wish - so a flexible scheme would suit me.


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        Spanish fun lessons

        In case this came over incorrectly i am in Spain for four weeks at a time not
        just 4 weeks a year.

        Speaking to a friend who lives in Spain she is also very interested so keep us posted please.

        good luck


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          hi i will keep you posted my wife is just doing a few things to get it all sorted. then it should be all systems go


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            Hi can you email me with any info you have. I will be living in Spain from 17th August and am keen to learn Spainsh. Thanks