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  • Spanglish Won't Do

    We are going through a difficult period. In the past there was so much trade to be had that attention to detail in running a business was optional. It isn't now.

    When I check out business websites I see the copy content (wording) is often childish. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, unstructured sentences; quite cringe-making. Sadly, the Brits are not much better than their bi-lingual Spanish counterparts. This extends to customer profiles in local newspapers.

    How can business owners expect clients to take them seriously if they cannot express themselves properly? If they don't know the difference between 'their' and 'there'? If they spell coastal 'costal' and belief as 'beleif'? If they care to let me see their content I will give them an honest opinion.

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    I used to do this for RENFE in their posters etc and then they considered it wasn't necessary anymore - to quote ' the sort of English we have here, can't speak and spell English properly so why should we bother?!'


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      Which rather explains why the southern Costa Blanca at least has few visitors. Why leave dumbed down Britain to be confronted by dumbed down Costa Blanca?

      No wonder tourists are heading anywhere but the Blanca; even Blackpool is preferable. There, tourism is up by 20 percent and Pontins up by 22 percent. Those who want a little exotica are heading for Egypt, Cyprus, North Africa, Turkey. The hard bit is trying to get it through the bone heads here.


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