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How to learn spanish quickly?

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  • How to learn spanish quickly?

    Hi to everyone! I am moving to spain in one month time and I would like to know the quickest way to learn spanish. any interactive group some where? thks

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    May, It is different for eveyone. For me I have to see the words written down and have been studying Spanish for over 3 years and am nowhere near fluent. I can read it better than speak it, but i struggle with the verbs and tenses. You will, however, have an advantage if you are going to be living in Spain as being there will force you learn it and use it and by using it every day it will help you learn quickly. There are lots of sites on the internet you could start with BBC - Languages - Spanish, Spanish grammar and vocabulary exercises for beginners/intermediate level students and Spanish Verb Forms. Buy some CDs also and listen to the spanish language. Whatever you do you need to be patient and don't give up, set yourself goals and targets and some spanish friends will help!
    Buena suerte!


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      You will not learn Spanish in a month however clever you are, you need to make sure you move to an inland Spanish village as if you intend to live on the Costa Blanca coast you will not get enough practice, there fore it will take you a lot longer. You do have to be persistant in your speaking and dont be put off by the Spaniards answering you in English they want to learn English as much as you want to learn Spanish


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        wow ! then have a good trip in Spain ! I'm not good in Spanish but i know just little .. have you been in the Philippines ?


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          Learning Spanish within one month is impossible. I also tried to learn it and still i am trying with the help of some books and friends.


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            Hi, May~

            Different people are gifted differently, so the time that people can master a language well is not easy to predict. To me, I will try the most efficient ways to reduce the learning time. If you need some good methods to help you learn a language quickly, you can refer to the following steps.

            1. Set your goal and make a sound leaning schedule.
            2. Try your best to keep it and believe yourself.
            3. Join some good courses, follow the tutors and practice more.
            4. Memorize the Spanish words everyday and listen to some online news, like BBC.
            5. You can communicate with the local Spanish online or face to face.
            6. Buy some CDs and listen to the Spanish language frequently.

            Good luck~~

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              The best way is to make friends with a Spanish person who doesn't speak English or very little English and that way you really have to learn and will pick it up quicker.


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                If you have a Smartphone you can learn Spanish an easy and fun way by using apps Learn Spanish by using Apps my favorite is dualingo it just easy and fun to do it and it sends you a daily reminder that's its time to learn some Spanish.
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