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Metal Detecting in Spain

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  • Metal Detecting in Spain

    Metal Detecting in Spain
    Hy all,

    I now live in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain, having lived in the UK for 55 years.
    I am a member of the only official metal detecting club on the Costa Blanca.
    We are called the ADAPT metal detecting club San Pedro Del Pinatar Welcome to Adapt San Pedro del Pinatar and since last May, we have enrolled new 20 members.

    All our members have Photo ID cards and identification details, along with public liability insurance, and we also adhere to a strict code of conduct.

    In Spain, if you want to do things legally, you have to get official permission from the chief of police and the local councils to metal detect the beaches. The officials usually want to know what times we are going on the beach. It’s been hard work getting approvals along the coast as metal detecting is a virtually unknown pastime here, and for the Spaniards, they just don’t get our hobby.

    We meet every Friday and visit a nominated beach or land. The beaches along the Costa Blanca are mainly “Q” rated which means that they are very well cleaned every day by tractors, which doesn’t help us at all finding stuff. Even when the beaches are cleaned, our club always finds sharp metal objects which we dispose of in the bins, so we do help the environment too. The club also provides a FREE Search & Recovery Service in the event of lost metal items whether on the beach or land.
    If a new member starts that hasn’t their own detector, we provide free tuition and a lone of a detector to see if it’s their hobby for them

    If you need to know anymore on metal detecting in Spain,
    you can email me......

    Also, we are looking for new members to join our club, and anyone who would like to donate any metal detectors they don’t now use, our club would really appreciate it and would help in the tuition of new members

    Roderick Toms