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Metal Detector Donations

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  • Metal Detector Donations

    Metal Detector Donations

    We are the only official Metal Detecting Club on the Costa Blanca called
    the............ ADAPT Metal Detecting Club San Pedro del Pinatar.
    Welcome to Adapt San Pedro del Pinatar
    This association is a non profit making club who just like being outdoors doing this fascinating hobby, summer or winter.

    If there is anyone out there who would like to donate their Metal Detector that they don’t use anymore, it would help us in providing free tuition and guidance for any new members.

    If you think this could be a hobby for you, and would like to join us on our Friday meetings, usually on a beach, please contact me for details.

    We also provide a FREE SEARCH & RECOVERY SERVICE for anything metal that has been lost on the beach or land. (subject to conditions)


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    we have machines that detect metal in the ground. People lose items like coins,keys,jewellery,tools.
    we use our machines to locate them. sharp metal objects are also found on the beach and they are disposed of in the bins.
    if you google "metal detecting" there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned about this hobby




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      I have a metal detector although I have never used it yet.
      Are we allowed to access any beach or are there restrictions ?
      Do you need a licence of any kind ?
      I can understand that you will need the landowners permission if you are not on public land


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        Hy Freddy,
        Thanks for the email.

        Metal Detecting in Spain can be done, but with caution.

        Down here in Costa Blanca south, we have formed an official club and each member has their own photo ID with NIE details and each member has public liability insurance, so if there is a claim about somebody falling down a hole you dug, you will be covered !!!.
        We also have a strict code of conduct which we must adhere to at all times when metal detecting.

        It is important for us to show people that our hobby is presented in a professional manner as In Spain,”Spanish people just don’t get our hobby at all"

        As all land in Spain is owned by someone, you must get permission to metal detect, even on the beach.

        We have contacted our local tourist boards and local councils to introduce our hobby and they have granted us permission to metal detect the beaches. Along the Costa Blanca & costa Calida beaches there are several different councils taking responsibility for their part of the beaches, so it’s no good getting one approval here, you have to find out who is responsible for what.
        It has been a nightmare getting permission.

        Fortunately, our metal detecting club is part of the ADAPT organisation who do loads of good things for the environment in our area, so we have credibility as a good start.

        Only last month, we had two beach police come up to us and ask us what we were doing. We showed them our photo ID, they asked a few questions and they shook our hand and left us alone!

        There are metal detectorists who do it alone and haven’t joined a club and chance it...
        We don’t.......

        Some of these people have given our hobby a bad name and rob historic sites and sell on their finds to make a profit
        We don’t......

        If we haven’t got permission to do a beach, then we don’t do it.
        Also, detecting on your own here is done at your own peril. Unemployment, & poverty is a major situation in Spain at the moment, It has been known that gangs have mugged a detectorist of the detector, as it a wealthy mans hobby over here. My advice is do it in pairs at least as it is safer, especially at night or very early in the mornings.

        Our club has already 20 members who love this hobby and when we meet every Friday (average 10 people turn up) we have a good 2-3 hours of metal detecting

        If you need any tuition or guidance, we are there to give as much time as you need to help you. For newcomers, we put a "search and find training control area" on the beach, where we rope off a small area and plant different metal objects for you to find or, if you have some experience,...... just get on with it............and show us up !!!.

        In Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa, the authorities have agreed we can metal detect the beaches, so long as we always wear our ID and can only metal detect certain times of the day, and that changes as the holiday season starts.
        So far, we haven’t had any problems.

        The annual membership fee is 12€ per annum which starts January to December. This fee includes public liability insurance and the use of all the other ADAPT activities if you want to. however,if you live outside of south costa blanca and north costa calida,then our club is not for you.

        Incidently, in Andalusia, there is a total ban on metal detecting.

        I hope I have given you an insight into metal detecting in Spain

        If you need any more information, then ask



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          Metal detecting

          rodtoms, Many thanks for the response which probably answered all my questions ( and concerns ). The detector I have, was given to me by my grandson so I would imagine it will be very basic..
          I live on the coast in the UK and often see detectors on the nearby beaches but never yet had a go... maybe I will try it out in Spain.


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            Hy Freddy,

            sorry to be pedantic, but you even need a permit to metal detect the beaches in the UK.



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              I hadn't realised that, I just thought you bought the gear and off you went !!!
              I shall ask one of the enthusiasts just what are the 'rules'