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Car booters - rastro - fully legal

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  • Car booters - rastro - fully legal


    If you are coming from Alicante on the A31, come off at the first Sax sign, go over the motorway, to the island and turn right, when you get to the next island, turn left, once you have turned left, follow that road through to Salinas, as you approach Salinas there is a roundabout, you turn right here and the boot sale is on the right.

    If you are coming from Pinoso toward Monovar, go through Mana, as you travel up the hill heading toward Monovar, there is a right turn signposted Salinas, go through Salinas, as you come out the other side of the village, there is a roundabout, turn left here and the boot sale is on the right.

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    We found this Boot sale in The Inland Magazine, and have been going up there once or twice a month for the 5 - 6 months. Very very well run, very very little new stuff on sale, and lots of good second hand stuff at some awesome prices. I have spoken to the people who run this boot sale, and they even shown me the Licence they have to run the boot sale, and its all run together with the town hall and the police/guardia regulary visit the site to take a look round.

    Its on an industrial site just outside thye small village of Salinas which is around 4-5 km from Sax, it takes us approx 25-30 minutes to get there, it has a great friendly feel and on most weeks we have been, there are anything from 40-65 sellers, over the past few weeks, we have met sellers from San Miguel who apparently go up to sell every week, we have spoken to sellers from Mazzaron in Murcia, this boot sale is very well attended and supported by not only sellers from all over, but by masses and masses of buyers both Spanish/ English/ Dutch and other Europeans.

    Out of 10, we would give this sale a score of 10 Well worth the trip inland.


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      Many people from this area are now regulars and making good money. It is fully legal and licensed.


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        Just turn up and pay for pitch more here


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          The price is 9 euros for 6 meters , and 1.50 euros for every meter there after.

          There is a clip of the car boot here Entrar | Facebook

          This weekend saw 121 sellers and thousands of buyers. There is a no new goods policy, although some manage to get on, they are informed by the council offical that if they attend again they will recive a denuncia which normally sorts this problem out.


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            Hi, Can you tell me if the car boot is on all year round (and as we speak feb) and would I also be able to bring my hot dog machine and slush machine and bouncy castle ?, We are coming out end of feb to do other things but this sounds like a great opportunity to meet people straight off. Also as our NIE numbers will possibly take a few weeks to sort out can we do the sale without the NIE numbers or not. And lastly Is it on just one day a week


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              Hello MARKSTEPHENS, you would have to have your hygeine and food handling certificicates in place firstly and your nie.cif number and then approach the council at Salinas in order for them to decide as to whether they would allow you a street vendors licence. The Boot Sale is indeed every Sunday and yes, only 1 day per week.

              More info see
              Entrar | Facebook Rastro Boot Sale


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                Boot Sale web site here TIM Boot Sale / Rastro