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Are you interested by forensic sciences ?

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  • Are you interested by forensic sciences ?

    All questions you ask yourself about criminal sciences, serial killers, criminal psychopathologies, police interrogations and investigations, lie detection in interviewing etc. by a Belgian expert of these questions. Does tv' series give you a correct information ? Criminal cases seen through the eyes of a true professional. Retired police officier (35 years investigation experience) and crimino-linguist, I teach lie detection methods and police interviewing technics in various police academies in Europe. Ask your questions in English, Spanish or French. I will try to answer and to give you an objective point of view about all these subjects. Welcome to professionals but also to amateurs.

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    Have you come across the PEACE method of interview? I also have an interest in investigative interviewing too. Do you live in Torrevieja?


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      Your question about PEACE

      I studied PEACE model for police interviewing in the years 2000 at the department of criminal sciences of the university of Portmouth (Pr. Bull, Vrij and Cherryman). My opinion is : an excellent source of inspiration for other modern models on the question of the interrogation. Unfortunately, it must be adapted for each legal system (the U.K. is quite different from the other countries). I live in Torrevieja most of time (when I do not travel for job).


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        Your opinion is interesting : the “Maddy McCaan” case - Su opinión es interesante

        A 3 year old little girl disappeared on May 3rd, 2007 in Algarve in Portugal. Her parents dined at the restaurant on the club on holidays Praia da Luz at the time of the drama. A mystery surrounds the circumstances of this case. Which is your opinion?

        Esta pequeña muchacha de 3 años desapareció el 3 de mayo de 2007 en Algarve en Portugal. Sus padres cenaban al restaurante del club de vacaciones Praia Da Luz en el momento del drama. Un misterio rodea las circunstancias de este asunto. ¿Cuál es su opinión?


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          Hi buckdany,
          I was searchin the web for any forensic science subjects when i found your topic. I was hoping you could me help me to find a traineeship (forensic science), somewhere over the world. Is it possible to contact me please? I hope you help me search in the right direction. Many thanks, Kelly.


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            Are you interested by forensic sciences

            The Centre of Forensic Science is a forensic laboratory mandated to provide forensic science services to law enforcement agencies in the province of Ontario in Canada. It is part of the government of Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services-Public Safety Division. Its major client groups are the Ontario Provincial Police, most municipal police forces across Ontario, Office of the Chief Coroner, Pathologists, Crown Attorneys, and the Office of the Fire Marshal. The majority of cases deal with Criminal Code of Canada offences but other enforcement areas related to environment, conservation, hazardous materials.

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