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  • Shop in torrevieja

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a cheaper way of renting a shop in the Torrevieia area, I have already secured accommodation in los altos. About 2 months ago we came to torrevieja looking for shops to rent as we have a business in England and would love to try it inSpain, I have to say we left a bit disappointed as most of the shops were around 2000e per month, How any business can make that work astounds me. Recently I saw an ad for a shop next to cheers bar in Villamartin for 400e per month (much more like it) but it had unfortunately gone when i rung up. does anybody know of any shops around that sort of price ?. We sell dvd's new and used including a lot of the old classics that you cant buy in shops. also film related toys and memorabilia (inc dr who stuff, starwars and sci fi etc)
    we also have a hot dog machine and popcorn and slush machines, we can also have the latest releases for rental, I know you can get reasonable quality copies in spain but can anyone give me feedback on my plans.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Suggest you re post on the general forum.


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      Thanks for that Rob.