2019 International Day of the Pork in Torrelamata

On Sunday 27th January 2019

Fecha – Date: On Sunday 27th January 2019

Hora – Time: From 12h

Lugar – Place: Plaza de Encarnación Pujol, in Torrelamata (in front of the church)

Precio – Price:  Entrada gratuita – Free entrance

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The meaning of this “International Day of the Pork” is to remember the lost tradition of killing the pork in order to fill the stock of food.
The hospitality of the people from La Mata is proved with the celebration of events like this one where the stomach gets full of free and good food.
800Kg of meat was served together to 150 kilos of bread, 150 litres of wine from La Mata, and 100 kilos of celery and beans.

The “Día Internacional del Cochino” of Torrelamata, celebrating 19 years leading the feast of San Antonio Abad, with the distribution of more than 600kg of pork, bread, celery, Torrelamata beer and wine for free.

On the occasion of the feast of San Antonio Abad, each year marks the International Day of the Pig, where  La Mata citizens, invite all attendees to eat pork.

This festival brings together people coming from many towns in the Vega Baja tourists also German, British and Scandinavian.

Some shops in the Mata, working selflessly providing food and drink to not miss anything in this popular lunch.
On the Encarnacion Puchol Square, installed a portable grill where they cook the pork chops.
The party ends when you run out of food and are drawn hams of pigs, to raise money for next year’s celebration.

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