Expo Torrevieja 2020

7 & 8 MARZO 2020


Punto de encuentro para Clubes & Asociaciones

Expo Torrevieja VI regresa al Auditorio Internacional de Torrevieja, EL Sábado 7 Y Domingo 8 de Marzo 2020.


Fecha : 7 & 8 MARZO 2020

Hora : De 10 a 15h

Lugar : Auditorio Internacional de Musica

Precio : Entrada gratuita

Más información:

Más de 20.000 visitantes han asistido en las ediciones previas de ExpoTorrevieja.Acceso al recinto y parking gratuito con más de 500 plazas disponibles.

Email: Keith@ExpoTorrevieja.com
Tel:WhatsApp: +34 609063614
web: www.ExpoTorrevieja.com

The International Auditorium is the largest indoor venue, South of Alicante, on the Southern Costa Blanca.

International Auditorium
Features climate control, safe, secure and easy parking, great lighting for both daytime and evening and has an instant WOW factor not found in and other venue in the Southern Costa Blanca.

Indoor Facility
During the month of October, when the possibility of rain always exists, it’s our pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful International Auditorium in Torrevieja.

WHERE: Torrevieja’s International Auditorium, Torrevieja

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, March 7 & 8, 2020

OPENING TIMES: 10:00am until 3:00pm (Saturday and Sunday)

WHAT: Torrevieja Clubs and Associations Meeting Point

COST: FREE, zero, zilch…

COST OF ADMISSION: free… zero… zilch…nada… nothing… open to everyone

WHAT’S NEEDED: Confirm your attendance or your desire to attend before noon on March 1st, 2020.

SET UP: Once confirmed, doors will be open for setting up from 2:00pm to 6.00pm on Friday 6 March, between 8.30am and 9:30am on Saturday and 9:00am to 9:30am on Sunday.
Just bring along your knowledge, flyers, bits of paper, business cards, etc, and a big smile.

DROP OFF: You may drop off supplies at the front door on Friday between 2:00pm and 6:00pm or before 9.00am on Saturday or Sunday. Cars must leave the front doors of the building by 9.00am on Saturday and Sunday.

FUND RAISING: You may fund raise at the event.

SPACES: Each Club or Association is offered a free, two metre space. Please bring your own tables, chairs, information, pop up banners, picnic, and have fun.

ELECTRICITY: Sorry. This is not available at the Expo

Wi-Fi: Limited Wi-Fi coverage may be available, but we can’t promise wi-fi. sorry…

LIMITED SPACE: We have space for about 100 Clubs, Associations, NGO, Hobby Clubs… etc…

LOVE TO BE THERE BUT CAN’T ATTEND: Let us know if you can’t attend and you can drop off your information for us, which we will put on a table in the entrance for visitors to pick up

CHAIRS AND TABLES: Please bring your own foldout card tables and a display / pull up, etc.. plus seats and make yourself comfortable…

TEA AND COFFEE ETC: There is a comfortable area at the entrance to the Exhibition room for tea, coffee and snacks. Serving starts at 10.00am. Maybe earlier…
ADDRESS: Located beside QuironSalud Hospital, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante

PARKING: Free Car Parking in the lower car park is available

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