Torrevieja’s downtown tour guide

We will start at the Juan Aparicio seafront, which offers spectacular views to the sea and many cafes, restaurants or ice-cream parlours where you can relax in this sunny city, and in the middle of the walkway we will find the mythical sculpture known as Bella Lola (Beautiful Lola), which sits and looks towards the sea waiting for her husband to come back, and further on we will find the monument to the man of the sea.

Now you can see hello to your friends in the live webcam located at Keeper Bar, in front of the sea.

Then, we will come across the Paseo Dique de Levante, a wooden and steel structure supported over the Levante breakwater over one and a half kilometre long where we will be able to rest under one of its pergolas, and it is right in one of these pergolas where we will find the beautiful statue of the woman saying goodbye to the sailor. We will keep on through the Paseo de la Libertad, commonly known as “los hippies”, where we will find plenty of stalls selling handicrafts and will be able to buy a souvenir. After this, we will visit the Waldo Calero square, with its nice ceramics benches inspired in sea waves and its fountain, refreshing the air.

Right in front of the same we will find the Torrevieja’s Casino, one of the most representative buildings of the city, where we will be able to have a coffee, as it still opens to the public. We will then keep on through the Paseo Vistalegre, where we will come across the monument to the Torrevieja’s musicians and the monument to the Coralista, one of the most photographed monuments of the city. And from here on we will come out into the Eras de la Sal Monumental Historical Complex, a nice industrial architecture complex of the 18th century made up of piers and jetties dedicated to the local salt industry. And to finalise, we will visit the Museo del Mar y la Sal (the sea and salt museum), which is the most important museum in the city exhibiting the city’s origins and history.


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