13th anniversary of Habaneras

The 13th anniversary of Habaneras will distribute good luck throughout Torrevieja

Habaneras Shopping Centre is celebrating its 13th anniversary by spreading good luck in Torrevieja

The Shopping Center Habaneras is challenging customers to discover that thirteen is a lucky number

The 13th anniversary of Habaneras will distribute good luck throughout Torrevieja

The Habaneras Shopping Centre, managed by CBRE, is celebrating 13 years in business in a very special way: by challenging its superstitious customers to try their luck and take part in a grand anniversary prize draw at the centre.

The event will take place for thirteen days, from 1 to 13 March. Thirteen lucky cats will appear in Torrevieja’s most emblematic spots. Thirteen lucky winners will be able to enjoy treats organised for them by the different channels at the shopping centre. And best of all, there will be 13 prizes to win as part of the Habaneras 13th anniversary celebrations.

Habaneras hasn’t scrimped on the prizes. From a set of products, courtesy of all the stores at the centre, to tickets for the musical Tadeo Jones, a getaway for two and some VR glasses. Prize draws, instant gifts and endless other surprises await all participants. What’s more, they’ll all be special guests at the great Habaneras anniversary celebration on 17 March, when the winners of the grand prize draw will be announced.

Habaneras has organised an exquisite, matsuri-style cocktail party, with an opportunity to taste sushi and other Japanese delicacies, with entertainment that will delight everyone. Golden wine, a symbol of good luck, will be served.

For the last 13 years, the Habaneras Shopping Centre has been forging close bonds with Torrevieja’s population of residents and visitors with fashion, accessories, dining, specialised retail and leisure options that are enjoyed by the more than four million people who come every year. That’s why being 13 years old is lucky for both the centre and its visitors.

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