Boat trip to the island of Tabarca

Excursión a Tabarca desde Torrevieja

Timetable 2020:

From May to October

Exit point: Torrevieja’s port (in front of Casino).
Approximate cruise time: 40 minutes.
Pets allowed: Yes
Outdoor Car parking: Yes

The island of Tabarca is located at about twenty kilometers distance from the city of Alicante, and near the Santa Pola’s cape. It is 1,800 meters long and approximately 400 meters wide, and it is the biggest island which belongs to the Comunidad Valenciana and the only one which is inhabited.

Tabarca’s climate is mild, it has an annual average of 17ºC, and it is famous because of its clear waters both in its sand beaches –to the south- and its coves and cliffs surrounding the island. Tabarca’s natural conditions make it an ideal place for practicing water sports.

Apart from this, it has a wide variety of seaside restaurants offering traditional seafood
(caldero, paellas marineras, seafood, etc), and a worth-visiting museum, beautiful porches, emblematic buildings such as the Casa del Gobernador (Governor’s House), the San
Pedro and San Pablo church, etc.





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    • Yes, it is possible but notice that 17:15 h is the time of return to Torrevieja port. From the Island the boat leaves at 16: 00 h.

  1. Hola, puedo ir un día a las 9:30 y volver el próximo día en el ferry de las 17:30 con el mismo boleto,
    Gracias diana

    • Sí, pero es necesario avisarlo previamente.
      También hay que tener en cuenta que los horarios pueden ser modificados por las condiciones metereológicas.

  2. Hi want to do a group booking as coming from a distance and want guarantee to get on boat ..
    can you let me know who to contact to arrange

  3. Hi

    Is IT possible to take the depart boat at 1215 and the arrival boat at 1730 back tomorrow wednesday 1 august?

  4. What are departure and return times for end of July/start August?also is there much on island for kids we have a 4 and 8 yr old would they enjoy or be bored?thanks

  5. Hello, I am looking at taking this trip tomorrow, Please can you tell me where exactly the boat departs from, I am unsure where the casino is

    Thank You

    • You can follow direction to “PUERTO”, and there are a outdorr parking inside PUERTO (not Free).

      See map on this article.

  6. Hi . Are you only on the boat for 40 mins then you get dropped off at the island until the boat sails again?

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