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Do you have varicose veins?

Thick or thin lines, blue or purple, on your legs, similar to a road map.

What are varicose veins?

They are veins that are unable to return blood back to the heart due to an abnormality in their walls, therefore blood accumulates and the veins expand until they become visible.

Varicose veins usually appear on legs, ankles and feet because these parts of the body are farthest from the heart. Varicose veins look blue or purple and often protrude. They can be annoying to the touch or even hurt, especially after the person has been sitting or standing for a long time. People who have varicose veins may also have legs that feel heavy and very tired.

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Who can get them?

Varicose veins are more frequent in women, and in older people. The origin is almost always genetic, this means that if your mother or sister have them, it is possible that you will also develop them. Being overweight or standing for a long time can also cause varicose veins, as can not exercising. Some women also develop them during pregnancy.

What are the symptoms?

Apart from the obvious signs of blue or purple protruding veins, people who have varicose veins can also have associated problems, such as leg pain, heaviness, cramping and tingling. They may also cause skin damage and produce chronic ulcers in extreme cases that once are there are very difficult to be cured.

What should I do to solve my varicose veins problem?

If you suspect that you have varicose veins or simply want to have a medical check of your legs because they feel tired or heavy, the first thing you should do is have a medical consultation with a specialist. The professional will ask you a series of questions related to your lifestyle and any illnesses you may have had. Subsequently, the specialist will make a thorough inspection of your legs and then perform a ´venous echo doppler´ of the legs to assess how the deep veins work in order to offer you an effective solution.

If you want to solve your varicose vein problem, contact us. Hundreds of satisfied patients and a long professional career guarantee our results. Request information at or 966-931237 we are in Elche Clínica Fonos Salud, in Orihuela in the Mayoral Clinic and in Torrevieja in our own clinic (Whatsapp 656 631 729 – Mention you saw them on

Your health in the hands of true specialists.

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