Smart cards for Torrevieja’s Bus System

You can already apply for the new TARJETA CIUDADANO to be able to keep on bus service.


Now you can already apply for the new TARJETA CIUDADANO –citizen card- to be able to keep on enjoying public transport bus service.

This card will also be valid as an access to the CMO and some museums entrance.

How can you update or get your public transport card?
Place: Oficina de Transporte público, inside of “La Plasa”
Opening hours: 8:30am – 13:30pm monday to friday (appointment required).
Bookings : Oficina de Transporte público, inside of “La Plasa”
Requirements: you need to be registered at the Torrevieja’s padrón and be free of any debts towards local administration.
Issuance fee: 7€ (renewable annually at no cost).
Documents required: DNI, NIE, tarjeta de residencia or passport (original ones)


  1. Do I need to be registered in the padron Municipal a minimum of years?

    No. You have to be registered at the time of requesting the card.

  2. If I register as resident in another town, I can still use the card?

    No. The card will be canceled when it detects that you're not registered in Torrevieja Municipal Padron

  3. I can apply the card from another person (my husband, brother, etc.).?

    No. To get the card, it requires the physical presence of the applicant, given the need to take a picture that identifies you.

  4. If I am retired, I have to pay the card?

    Yes, but then returned 7€ to all pensioners and those receiving Aid to pensioners and retirees who annually awards the Torrevieja Townhall. It is mandatory to fulfill all requirements to receive this aid.

  5. I can provide proof of payment that I got with my printer to make payment online through my bank?


  6. What happens then if I am not registered as citizen in Torrevieja?

    In that case the cost is 1,35€ per trip. One of the advantages of being registered in Torrevieja is the Bus City Card at a very low cost (7€/year)

where to get the Torrevieja bus card


One of the unique aspects of being a resident of Torrevieja is that the city offers a free bus service for one and all; if you are on the padron. However, the system has been widely abused, mainly by those who just visit on holiday, sign on the Padron, then sign off again but not until they have the correct documentation for their free buss pass! The abuse of the system has been costing the Town Hall hundreds of thousands of euros over the years! All that will change from the end of the month as Torrevieja introduces a new ‘smart’ card for the Bus System.

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