The Flamingos roundabout

A beautiful group of colourful flamingos now surrounds the roundabout located on the CV-905 access to the N-332.

The Department of Promotion of the Urban Image of the Torrevieja City Council, has remodelled another of the roundabouts leading to Torrevieja.

In this case it has been the roundabout that has the figure of a triangle formed by salt cubes, located on the CV-905 access to the N-332.

This roundabout has been embellished with a total of 28 flamingos, approximately 2 metres high, with a 10cm high landscape carved in polystyrene and finished with fibreglass on its exterior.

A fence of approximately 30 metres in length has also been erected, surrounding the entire base of the monument. The total investment has amounted to 18,500 euros.

🦩 A roundabout “very flamingo“.

This is what the new decoration of the access roundabout to Torrevieja on the N332 road looks like.

What do you think of how it turned out?

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9 thoughts on “The Flamingos roundabout”

  1. I’ve not seen it in person yet but it looks fabulous, especially at nighttime! Does anyone know how I could get in touch with the artist please?

  2. At last, this will attract bird watchers and other people to Torrevieja but please don’t take your eyes off the road whilst driving!!!!

  3. Fantastic….always love colourful roundabouts and this is a great example of art and Torrevieja coming together to provide pleasure to the general public. Just hope it doesn’t hold up the traffic too much as everyone will want to go slow to take it all in !

  4. Excellent !! The flamingos have made this approach roundabout far more interesting and pleasant from being rather dull and less imposing previously . Very good job, well done.

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