Night of San Juan in Torrevieja 2021

Due to COVID19 and for the second consecutive year, the celebration of San Juan on Torrevieja’s beaches has been suspended.

The current situation of social distance, prevents the celebration on the night of San Juan 2021 on the beaches of Torrevieja.

The City Council calls on everyone to not go to the beaches of Torrevieja on the night of San Juan.

The Local Police, Civil Guard and Civil Protection, will ensure security so that there are no crowds of people on our beaches, and there is exemplary behavior as it was in 2020.

History: On the eve of the night of San Juan, hundreds of people gather on the beaches of Torrevieja to celebrate a purifying ritual that consists of lighting a bonfire in the sand of the beach and jumping over it, in order to get rid of everything bad that has happened to us during the year.

Later, the ceremony ends by putting your feet in the water for a short time to receive the full force of the sea.

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