grants prizes for over €600 month

Check our Tricks and tips to win our prizes.

Bellow we include some tips that will help you increase your chances to get tickets to the cinema, restaurant dinners and many things more.

The amazing amount of €10,230 has been granted during the year 2017 among all subscribers of our tourist info website,, by means of the different offers and draws performed periodically.

Over 750 people in 2017 have won some of the prizes drawn every week: tickets to the cinema, dinners at the best restaurants in Torrevieja, tickets to concerts and musicals, etc.

Register in and WIN

Tricks and tips to win our prizes:
Register in our system (your details will NEVER be handed over to third parties).
– Use your REAL details to subscribe (if you use fake details, you will not be able to identify yourself to pick up your prize).
– Please provide always your mobile number, as we send an SMS to all winners.
– Open the email we send every week. Our random selection system chooses winners only among readers who open our emails.

We are not kidding!!
Some users do not collect their prize, as they believe it to be only a joke when they receive an email or an SMS informing they have won the prize. At we are really reliable… if you receive an email confirming you have won some king of prize… it is real!!!

These are undoubtedly considerable amounts, and represent a guarantee for our readers to keep on trusting in us as they have been doing since the year 1996, when the site was created, a fact that makes it the oldest local site in town (since the 26th of September 1996).

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