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Your favourite place

Torrevieja has dozens of beautiful squares, walkways, and prominades. Now, we want to know which is your favourite place in Torrevieja?

What is your favourite place in Torrevieja?

What is your favourite place in Torrevieja?

Torrevieja Hospital

Many people have an opinion about the change from private management to public management at Torrevieja hospital.

Torrevieja Hospital, Public or Private?

Torrevieja Hospital, Public or Private?

Registration in Torrevieja

Our city of Torrevieja, founded in the 19th century, currently has a census of 83,337 inhabitants, of which 44,526 are men and another 43,921 women.

The local population has inhabitants of Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, British, Swedish, Ukrainian, German, Moroccan nationalities among others.

And you, are you registered in Torrevieja?

are you registered in Torrevieja?

Vaccine against COVID 19

This year, 2020 marked by the COVID 19 pandemic, is getting closer and closer to its end and, with a little luck, it will not take long to see the end of this pandemic.

The announcements by some pharmaceutical companies regarding the development of a vaccine against COVID 19 promise to end this epidemic once and for all.

Would you be willing to get vaccinated once the vaccination becomes available?
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Are you planning to get vaccinated for COVID-19 ?

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  1. Those recommending getting the jab should look up Dr Vernon Coleman on the internet and watch his videos. The jab is really killing people and it is being covered up. Do some research before you commit yourselves. There will be some long term damage caused by the jab.

      • Simple answer is YES! Have you not heard of the Great Reset as part of Agenda 21? It is meant to KILL people all funded by Bill Gates. It is a world wide plan to depopulate the world and all governments are in on it. Why do think it (the Flu) is killing mainly old, expensive and non productive people. Please do more research and find out for yourselves. No government is going to admit it are they.

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