Dog beach in Torrevieja

playa para perros en Torrevieja pets friendly dogs beach

The dog beach in Torrevieja is located in Cala Rocío.

It is a rocky area, between Cala Ferris and the Rocío del Mar urbanization.

People who have animals will be able to bathe in the sea with them.

To access this area by car, you must do it from the roundabout that leads to Rocio del Mar.

It can also be accessed on foot from the Mar Azul urbanization, passing through Cala Ferris.

We recommend parking the car next to the children’s area of the Nautilus Restaurant, and accessing the dog beach on foot.

What do you think of this beach?

Leave your comments and recommendations.

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  1. I was so excited at the thought of coming to a “dog friendly beach” and to be able to swim with my dogs.
    How disappointed was I. This area is too small…there were so many dogs and owners all squashed onto this tiny beach area. I could not access the water as it was too rocky & in my opinion, too dangerous. Needless to say, we left feeling very despondent.
    The majority of dog owners pick up after their dogs, although it appears that many don’t which I expect is the reason dogs are forbidden on the beaches…very sad

  2. This dog beach is dangerous for dogs and humans alike not easy to access the water with many cracks and crevices to catch there legs in. Why can’t Orihuela let us use the what was the unofficial dog beach at playa flamenca last yr I was going and as many as 40 dogs were there and no dog waste on the beach with super friendly dog people of all nationalities. There’s no where on the Costa where you can let your have freedom safely.

  3. Cala Ferris- slightly north of the new “dog beach” – is perfect for dogs and their owners. It has been used by them for many years as I have lived here (2011) and as far as I know there has never been a problem between dog owners and others using the beach. Dog are exercised early in summer, between 07.00 – 10.00 because of the heat. Other beach users do not usually arrive at the beach before 10.00. So Ayuntamiento, what is your problem with dogs on the less popular beaches?

  4. These signs come and go – every year!!! This beach is ideal for dogs and has been used peacefully for years BEFORE this Mayor! The dogs swam early and were gone before the people arrived – and all was peace and quiet!!!!
    The hard line attitude of the council is being posted to many different countries – and ifthe Torrevieja economy is severely down this year – just blame the dog patrols!!! There are very many dog owners and they all have spending power!!!!

  5. To call this a beach is an insult!! It is a nasty, rocky, dangerous cove over which a load of sharp gravel has been thrown! I have taken my dog there but was not able to access the water for the crush of bodies and excited dogs!!!This is FAR TOO SMALL for this large area and an insult to all dog owners!!! Third class citizens we have become because we own and love an animal! SHAME ON YOU TORREVIEJA!

  6. This idea for a “dog beach” is a total disgrace. Firstly it is far to small to accommodate all the dog owners that use the area and does not allow any healthy dog to be exercised properly.

    This designated area is extremely dangerous for any breed of dogs legs and feet because it is simply made up of stony gravel just dumped and covering jagged rocks.

    The same applies to the surrounding rocks, plus it is far to dangerous to let your dog swim in the sea as a strong rip-tide runs very close to this shore.

    Please remember!! it is NOT dogs that pollute the coastline but inconsiderate humans.

    Dogs deserve better consideration. Local dog owners in this area always show a great respect to others and the environment.

    • Torrevieja please DO NOT advertise this is as “A dog friendly beach” “where you can bath in the sea with them” because it is just an uneven jagged rock patch, dangerous in or out of the water. Only a few meters away there is a barely used small sandy cove that is perfect for responsible dog owners to swim and keep cool. This is not just my opinion, but every other dog owner I meet and talk to in the area.

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