Eras de la Sal

It served as a storehouse and wharf for salt from 1777 until 1958.

Now it has become one of the most authentic landmarks in Torrevieja and is a prime example of the restoration project that has brought back its former splendour, reminding us of the hard work of so many generations of “Torrevejenses”. Inside we should highlight the recovery of the so-called “Caballete”, the wooden platform from which the salt was loaded on ships after being brought from the factory next to the lagoon of Torrevieja on trolleys.

It is hoped that in the near future the Museum of Sea and Salt will have its permanent location in this area.
This structure, which rotted away at the beginning of the 70s, has been rebuilt as a true replica using very similar wood and siting it on the exact spot of the original.

In one of its patios there is a unique stage called ‘tornavoz’ where Torrevieja’s annual International Habaneras and Poliphony Competition is held. The Eras de la Sal is considered in musical circles as the temple or cathedral of the Habanera (a type of song originally from Havana).

Address: Paseo Vista alegre s/n
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