Population of Torrevieja

Geographical and population data for Torrevieja

With 86,511 inhabitants (2/3/2020), the population of Torrevieja is the third most important town in the province of Alicante and the fifth in the Valencian Community.

Area: Torrevieja has an area of 71 square kilometers and a coastline of 20 linear kilometres.

Green Areas: The Protected Natural Park and urban green spaces occupy 11 square kilometres.

Geographic location: Torrevieja is located between Sierra Escalona (San Miguel de Salinas), the mouth of the Segura river (Guardamar del Segura) and the farming fields of the Vega Baja region.

Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 37,979 °
Longitude: -0.682 °
Elevation: 0 m.


Due to the annual average temperature, the climate of Torrevieja is Mediterranean and therefore mild.

An average annual temperature of 18.2°C with temperatures up to 32°C in summer and a minimum of 6°C in winter.

The average annual water temperature is 19.5°C, reaching a maximum of 26°C in August and a minimum of 14ºC in February.

The average temperature between April and October ranges from 18°C to 27°C.

Demography of Torrevieja – Population:

Register of Torrevieja: In Torrevieja there are a total of 86,511 inhabitants registered (2/3/2020)

Nationalities: More than 30 countries are represented in the Municipal Register of Torrevieja.

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How is the population distributed?

According to the population and evolution statistical data of the Municipal Register of the City Council, the city of Torrevieja began the year 2020 with an approximate total of 86,511 registered inhabitants, of which 40% are citizens of international origin (33,207 inhabitants), while the 60% (50,130 inhabitants) are Spanish.

Therefore, the city of Torrevieja is consolidated as the third largest in the province of Alicante and the fifth in the Valencian Community, only behind the three provincial capitals:Valencia, Alicante and Castellón and Elche.

population torrevieja

Regarding the residents registered in Torrevieja of foreign origin, in first place, there are, with a much higher number than other nationalities, the citizens of the United Kingdom, who number 4,533 inhabitants, followed by the residents of Russia (3,850).

population Torrevieja

Statistical data from the Census and Statistics Department reflects the large number of citizens of the European Union who have decided to make their home in Torrevieja.

There are more than 25,000 inhabitants from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Scandinavian countries registered in the town.

This padron data demonstrates the multiculturalism existing in the city, in which citizens from very different cultures and creeds coexist.

Torrevieja has in excess of 1000,000 second-homes.

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