Torrevieja is testing an electric bus

The electric bus will travel on Line A from Torrevieja to La Mata on June 15th, 16th and 17th

One of the objectives of this project is to carry out pilot tests of buses of new less polluting technologies that serve to analyse the technical feasibility and technological evolution, and thus obtain a complete analysis of the technology that can best be adapted to each city, depending on different parameters (environmental conditions, the transport lines, service provision conditions, weather) etc.

Throughout these three days it is expected to obtain results that will allow an adequate analysis to be carried out on the adaptation and operation of this technology to Urban Transport in the city of Torrevieja.

                            MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF THE URBINO MODEL 12:

-Plug-in electric bus (not heat engine). Zero emissions

-Great Comfort for the user and for the resident: Very low interior and exterior acoustic level.

-400 kWh of energy storage

-Approximate distance able to be travelled on one charge 300 km.

-Maximum power 250kw (340 CV)

-Charging time with an 80kW charger in 4.5 hours


-Analysis of electricity consumption.


-Driving conditions.

-Customer comfort.

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