Its good climatic conditions and extensive coastline, together with the friendly and welcoming character of its inhabitants have turned it into one of the main tourist destinations of Spain.

Tourism in Torrevieja is mainly national and European.

For the last five years there has been a massive influx of people from the countries of former Eastern Europe such as Russia, Lithuania, the Chec Republic, Rumania, Uzbekistan or Latvia.

Tourists come mainly from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.

There is no large representation of Japanese, Asiatic, American, Canadian or Australian tourists.

The months with the greatest influx on tourists in Torrevieja are July and August in the summer and the Easter period in April.

In recent years there has been a notable increase in tourists from Spain and northern Europe at Christmas time. Torrevieja offers one of the largest areas of second home tourist residences in Europe, with more than 70,000 second homes used for residence or renting.

The most usual practice is to rent a bungalow or villa during one month or one week. Prices vary from 500 euros during Easter to 4000 euros in August, although these prices are very variable.

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