Dique de Levante

It is one of the most visited places by both tourists and inhabitants.


Health and landscape define the Dique de Levante

The Dique de Levante (Levante Dam) is one of the most frequented places by tourists and torrevejenses, also called “The cholesterol route“, as it is recommended by some doctors as very healthy daily exercise.

Situated towards the south-southwest, this busy promenade begins where the Paseo de la Libertad and Paseo Juan Aparicio join. . It is built on a structure where wood and metal are combined.

Located to the south-southwest, the lower section is divided by paved lanes for the use of bicycles and skates. While the upper section is endowed with a powerful panoramic view of the bay next to the Mediterranean.

Dique de Levante see from Paseo Juan Aparicio.
  • Total distance: 2700 meters (round trip)
  • Duration of the tour: between 15 and 20 minutes (depending on the speed)
  • Recommendations: It is an ideal walk to do while watching the sunset.

Its night lights make it possible to stroll around at night

Climbing the stairs at the beginning of the Levante dam, we find a beautiful panoramic view “entremares”, on one side the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea and on the other, the city of Torrevieja. In the widest area of the promenade, where the direction changes; there is a statue of a woman as a tribute to a sailor’s wife.

The walk is segmented by a series of stairs, at different distances, to improve access from the top to the bottom and vice versa.

Torrevieja Levante Dam

Halfway through the tour, we can stop in the “Marina Salinas” shopping area (before reaching the bend in the dam) where we can have a drink whilst sat on a terrace
After this stop the route can continue until you reach the lighthouse, from where you can see, on a clear day, much of the eastern Murcian coast (Cabo de Palos). The way back is made more pleasant by witnessing one of the emblematic beaches of the city, Playa del Cura.

From the Keeper to the jetty lighthouse, a delight for the senses

Levante Dam

For many years, this construction was abandoned and it was an insignificant and dirty place, where it was better not to stay once night came.

Inaugurated on December 7th, 2000, it has served as protection from the storms that affected fishing boats and salt-water vessels that were stationed on what was then the shore of the beach.

At the end of this tour you can find the Monument to the Man of the Sea, where it is advisable to stop and sit on the terrace of the Keeper Bar, an ideal place to enjoy the sun´s rays and greet our friends and family live on the Webcam .


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