El Cura Beach

Playa del Cura is the most central beach in Torrevieja.

Playa del Cura is 325 metres long and 27 metres wide. It is located in the centre of Torrevieja.

It is named after a tragedy that occurred before 1870, when a priest drowned while bathing there.

Playa del Cura is among tourists’ favourites beaches for its beauty and proximity to the city of Torrevieja.

Playa del Cura joins the Juan Aparicio Promenade in the south and the Margalla point(or Carral point) in the north.

The Monument to the Culture of the Mediterranean known as The Columns is there, it is probably one of the most photographed places in Torrevieja.

Playa del Cura, Torrevieja. The Columns

Among its features, this beach features a recently remodelled boardwalk and numerous bars, gift shops, ice cream parlours, and restaurants.

Enjoy a good bathe without giving up the best food.

The amount of services offered to tourists stands out, with numerous beach bars, kiosks, restaurants and ice cream parlours to have a drink between bathing and relaxing on the sand.

We recommend you visit Pizza Restaurant Nº1, where you can enjoy excellent meat, fish and Italian food, all with amazing views in front of the beach.

Finally, we´d like to give a special mention to El Tintero, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fish and paella in the summer season.

Playa del Cura, Torrevieja. The Inkwell webcam

In addition, the live webcam of Torrevieja.com is installed on the terrace. Don’t forget to give us a wave if you find it!

In summer, this beach is the scene of the “Habaneras Night on the Beach” where crowds of people gather for dinner and listening to ´habaneras´ music.

It has a tourist information point, as well as 4 watchtowers, 4 lifeguards on the front line and a first aid post.

It also has a bus stop (LINEA A) on the beach.

Awards given: Qualitur, ISO 14000 for the Environment, ISO 9000 for Quality and a Blue Flag.

From Torrevieja.com we would love you to have a good bathe and enjoy the best local food while spending a pleasant day at Playa del Cura.

el cura beach

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