Los Locos Beach, a bizarre and unknown history.

This beach gets its name from an old asylum that was next to it.

Los locos Beach, with fine golden sand and calm waters, is 760 metres long and 25 metres wide.

It receives its name from a psychiatric residence that existed at the beginning of the 20th century where the great building that characterizes this beach is now built.

Los locos beach Torrevieja
Sports area of Playa de los Locos.

It is located in the northern part of the city after the well-known Curva del Palangre.

It has 4 watchtowers, 4 lifeguards on the front line, a first aid post and 2 lifeguards-restrooms, as well as numerous bars and restaurants.

It is one of the beaches where you can find a platform in the water as well as a pyramid with ropes to climb.

Los locos beach Torrevieja
Access for the disabled in Playa de los Locos

It has a bus stop (LINEA A) on the beach.

Awards given: Qualitur, ISO 14000 for the Environment and ISO 9000 for Quality.

History of Playa de los Locos

Everyone knows la Playa de Los Locos (previously called Playa del Salaret) but few know the origin of this peculiar name.

Punta del Salaret

At the beginning of the 20th century, a family from Madrid but of Murcian origin installed the psychiatric establishment ‘Sanatorio del Carmen’ in front of Playa del Salaret.

Its owner, Mariano Ruiz Cánovas, spent long summer seasons in Torrevieja together with her family, attending the psychiatric center known as “the madhouse”.

It is even said that sometimes some patients were allowed to go to the beach to enjoy a refreshing bathe, making the establishment very popular.

iconic building situated at the edge of el Salaret
Rocky area of the beach

La Curva (or cove) of the Palangre, is a small beach located between the columns of Playa del Cura and Playa de los Locos.

The “longline” is a form of fishing that consists of deploying a long and thick line from which they hang another end with a weight at its end and a hook in separate sections symmetrically, .

This allows deep sea fishing, such as on the seabed off the “Cala del Palangre“.

Curva del palangre
Pedestrian walk on la curva del palangre

+ Photos of the Playa de los Locos

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