A Meal in La Boca restaurant

We have found here in Spain, and in particular Torrevieja, a new appreciation for the simple life. A lifestyle, that is Torrevieja.

Our day may be sitting at an outdoor cafe enjoying a Pulpo al Ajillo and a glass of Rioja for our mid day snack. It is simple food. Octopus, Olive Oil, Parsley, Garlic. Nothing more.

It reflects the quality of life we live. That is why the quality of the ingredients become the art. Not all garlic is created the same.

La Boca has the perfect location. On the promenade of Los Locos. Families and friends walk by for the paseo on the promenade every night, it is a parade of happiness, a parade of Spain.

Sitting on the edge of the Mediterranean with a southerly view we can watch the moon travel across the sky as we enjoy a multi-course meal.

This evening was also the one year anniversary of living here in Torrevieja.

Restaurante La Boca is a beautiful place for a romantic meal and even though there is a street front with cars, the atmosphere here works.

You get the peacefulness of the environment, the view, the Sea, but then too you get the energy of the city around you. And as you can see they have an appropriate decanter for a good wine.

There is also a very nice and elegant inside dining room.

Escalopines de foie de pato
Salmón Ravioli

These were the first two dishes. The evening has possibilities! We both enjoyed the first course options.

Duck Breast / Sweet Potato puree / Asparagus / Croquettes / Sherry port wine sauce

The duck was delicious in every way and the flavors all worked well together. As you can see this dish featured a variety of texture as well as tastes.

Sous Vide Rolled Leg of Lamb / rosemary and garlic roasted new potatoes / parsnip puree / caramelized shallots / cranberry sauce

The lamb was excellent, cooked perfectly medium rare and the fruit sauce paired wonderfully with the gaminess of the meat.

And now onto the desserts.

Crepe con arándanos y salsa vainilla
Helado Mixto

La Boca is a good choice for a nice romantic evening looking at the sea while enjoying well prepared thoughtful food.

I like the fact that they change their menu on a regular basis so on each visit there is always a new adventure waiting for you.

Tony Kalhagen
Tony Kalhagen

Music producer, film maker, book author and travel blogger.
I came to Torrevieja with my wife Terri-Lynn and our dog Bisque Kitt in 2018.
We fell in Love with the Spanish lifestyle and Torrevieja is now our home.
We enjoy sharing our love for food with everyone.

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