As I have plenty of time, I am going to put my thoughts in rhyme

I am seventy plus and never before, have I been stopped from seeing those I adore

It seems like the world is now standing still,and we’ve all been given a slow down pill

This virus has taken over the world and good things and bad have been unfurled.

Not allowed out except to buy food, can walk the dog if you’re in the mood

Go to the chemist, wear gloves and mask, dont go near people and try to walk fast

Streets are deserted, no sound to be heard, sometime a car, perhaps the sound of a bird

No rides in the car with my hubby at all, if I had kids home I would go up the wall.

The loss of lives has been very sad, not saying goodbye, one could go raving mad

The good things have been the patience of folk, who sometimes lighten the mood with a joke

They dance and they sing, they exercise too, and put it on screen so we can all view

They boost us all up, so we follow their lead. if we all stay positive we can succeed

The hospital staff, doctors and nurses, they make us all dig into our purses

We give what we can so equipment is there, to help save lives and show that we care

The amazing people who with no delay, do  vital work day after day.

We applaud them and thank them,  they have family too

But they carry on with the great work they do

When this is over, we hope one day soon –   maybe before we all go to the moon

We will stand close together, no more far away

Our hair will be coloured and no longer grey

For we will have survived, let’s send thanks above

For being again with those that we love


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