Criminal holidays in Torrevieja

The Civil Guard has detained a man who spent four days of “criminal holidays” in Torrevieja

The Civil Guard has arrested a 32-year-old Spanish man in Torrevieja, who is believed to be the perpetrator of 4 robberies with violence and intimidation.

The detainee, who acted extremely violently against his victims, is now in prison, although investigations are still ongoing and it cannot be ruled out that more crimes will be attributed to him.

The first known crime was the theft of a boat docked at Torrevieja Yacht Club, he sailed it away at high speed, causing alarm in the area, and then abandoned it a while later.

3 robberies with violence and intimidation committed in Torrevieja in just 4 days are attributed to him.

The next day, he robbed a 24-hour establishment, from which he stole cash and the staff’s mobile phone, he threatened to hit her with a beer bottle, and even kill her, if she did not give him what he asked for. Before running away, he forced her to hide in the warehouse and told her not to leave.

Shortly after, investigators learnt of a real estate agent who had two knives pointed at his neck – one he was already carrying and the other he took from a kitchen drawer – while being shown around a home. Such was the fear caused, that the estate agent did not dare to report the robbery, for fear that he would carry out the threat to kill him or his family.

After investigations, the police officers found the apartment where the criminal was staying. During a search of the apartment the police found several stolen items including mobile phones, money, a gold chain, and two gold rings.

While the suspect was already detained in the cells, a 79-year-old woman came to the station to report that, as she was about to enter the elevator of her building, a young man had assaulted her face and forearm with a large knife and forcefully taken two gold chains and a gold bracelet. The description of the assailant coincided, without any doubt, with the detainee.

The detainee is in prison.

vacaciones delictivas en Torrevieja

Upon further investigation the police uncovered another heinous crime committed by the same perpetrator, this one occurred in Murcia. The suspect forced three minors to take him to the house of one of them where several threats of injury were made, including threatening to hire an assassin if they reported the incident. In the flat he stole a mobile phone which he later sold in Torrevieja.

This 32-year-old Spanish man, who was on holiday in Torrevieja from July 16th to 20th, was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of 4 crimes of robbery with violence and 1 crime of vehicle theft. After going to court on Thursday the 23rd, he was sent to prison.

The investigation remains open in order to be able to identify any other victim who has not reported the crime, possibly because of fear of the threats made by the suspect.

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