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I thought this would be a perfect time to post this as this restaurant, just 2 blocks from our flat, is now offering to go food during the pandemic lock down. And, we already thought their food was pretty awesome, so we are very excited.

My post will reflect their Menu Del Dia which is an amazing value but as I spoke with them today they are not offering this as a to go (Para Llevar) option at the moment. But you will certainly get a feel for the food and each of these dishes can be ordered to go separately.


Terri-Lynn always begins with fried food. The size of this egg roll can not be seen in this picture, it is quite generous.


I like soup, so I start with the seafood soup. Kind of a mixture of hot & Sour, egg flower and seafood stuff all mixed in together.


The next course is either rice or noodle. I always do the Chinese fried noodles with three delights (one of our favorite dishes here) and Terri-Lynn did the bread.

We both thought the bread was a bit, underwhelming. On other visits Terri-Lynn has done the fried rice and it is quite good.

Not greasy at all as is sometimes the case with fried rice.

The “bread”

Next it is time for the meat. Terri-Lynn usually does the beef with vegetable and I do either the Peking duck or the sizzling chicken platter. All are delicious.

The beef with vegetables

Sizzling chicken. What impresses me most about this dish is it is something I would usually never order. But I have been here many times, and I have ordered this many times. Shiitake mushrooms, chicken and bamboo.  I should note here that the menu comes with either the Duck “or” the sizzling chicken, these photos were from two different visits. 

The beef with vegetables
And finally dessert.

La cuenta comes with Schnapps, always a nice offering at the end of the meal and they leave the whole bottle so you can have as much as you want, and ear rings.

There are two menu del dia prices.

Terri-Lynn’s is €7.95 and mine is €9.50 and they both include a half bottle of wine per person so this is an excellent value for good Chinese food in Torrevieja.

Tony Kalhagen
Tony Kalhagen

Music producer, film maker, book author and travel blogger.
I came to Torrevieja with my wife Terri-Lynn and our dog Bisque Kitt in 2018.
We fell in Love with the Spanish lifestyle and Torrevieja is now our home.
We enjoy sharing our love for food with everyone.

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