Times for the use of the beaches in Torrevieja

All the beaches in Torrevieja are open with the proper safety and hygiene measures.

The established times for using the beaches in Torrevieja is from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

Times for the use of the beaches in Orihuela Costa.

All the beaches have been zoned based in three large areas: an authorized stay area, a reserved transit area and a 6 metre walk area along the shore.

Beach hours

The hours established for the beaches will be from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30p.m., although outside these hours the Council will adopt the action protocols according to needs.

There will be no shifts or limited time slots, although in the middle of the summer, when the influx of bathers is much greater, it has been planned to establish different shifts and bathing times so that everyone can access the beaches daily.

Capacity control.

To guarantee control of access to the beach, a security program has been designed.

Maximum capacity of each of the beaches.

The maximum capacity calculation has been obtained from the guide prepared by Turisme de la Generalitat Valenciana called PLAYAS SEGURAS.

The social distancing requirements of 2m will be enforced.

The authorized stay area is where the beach user can remain -subject to the established schedule- guaranteeing social distancing.
Here the user can rest, sunbathe, etc.

[In order to ensure social distancing effectively, small 4 × 4 m2 zones will be arranged, so that family groups of up to 4 people can stay in the area.
The enclosure will be delimited by means of ropes that must be removed every day to enable beach cleaning.

The reserved transit area is where users can circulate, but not stand in.
It will be a walking area for users, where they can also access the sea to swim or play sports.

Once all these areas have been defined, a series of safe pedestrian itineraries will be established, as well as the location of the beach entrances and exits, which in no case will coincide.
Lastly, the beach promenade area, which will be six metres from the shore, and will be exclusively for walking along.

Beach services:

The toilets will remain open with a specific cleaning device where a complete cleaning will be carried out every time it is used.

Footbaths are being installed and will have a permanent equipment device that will be cleaned throughout the day.

Gangway cleaning reinforcement.

Night cleaning reinforcement for the screening and re-shaping of the sand.

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