Go to the beach!


Do you want to go to the beach now?

We have an interesting proposal for you: Relax on La Zenia beach from your house!!

It has been almost 2 months since we’ve been able to leave home. With the arrival of May, the heat and good weather have also arrived.

The beaches of Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa are cleaned every day waiting until we are able to enjoy them.

We have had an idea that is the closest thing to enjoying La Zenia beach (on the Orihuela Costa) from the sofa or armchair in your own house.

La zenia beach video

These are the steps you should follow:

1º – Click on the button and subscribe to our Youtube channel, from there we will publish more videos about Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. When you subscribe, you will receive a notification with each publication of a new video.

2º – Put on a hat, prepare your favorite drink, a glass of wine, a beer or even a mojito! Put on your sunglasses, and sit comfortably in front of the biggest TV you have at home.

3º – Choose the video that appears at the end of this article, called “Relax in La Zenia Beach”, and enjoy the beach by yourself!

TIPS: We recommend putting a fan at its minimum power near you, to simulate the gentle sea breeze while listening to the sound of the waves and relaxing with your favorite drink.

You can even take a good nap (just like you do when you are at the beach), as the video is long enough that you won’t have to do anything else.

La zenia Beach

If you like the idea, you can repeat it as many times as you want and please share it on your social networks and recommend it to your friends.

It is an original idea to spend our time at home doing something that we all like and unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot do in real life.

Let’s relive take balmy Spanish days until it becomes a reality once more.

See you at the beach!!!

La Zenia Beach GPS coordinates (37.924013, -0.721741).

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  1. I understand that here in Torrevieja area you can only walk up to maximum of 1Km to any beach, and then only to walk/jog on the beach and be back home within the hour, and you can only do this once a day, can you confirm this please, thanks.

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