Habaneras 13th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes 13 Habaneras anniversary; One prize for each year.

This year we are thirteen years old and we will invade every corner of Torrevieja with good luck.

Habaneras 13th Anniversary Sweepstakes; An award for each year fulfilled
March is a month that we love, and it’s our 13th birthday. Yes, 13 years! You don’t believe in superstitions, do you? If so, read on because this year we will show you that the 13th is only a sign of good luck that accompanies us.

You want to bet on 13?

We will hide 13 very peculiar cats in Torrevieja. If you’re one of the lucky ones and you find one, come with him to Habaneras and you can be one of the 13!
Or if you follow us through the nets, you’ll have to keep an eye out because if you’re able to guess where one of our “Thirteen” is, fortune will be on your side!

And if you make a purchase over 20 € you can also be one of the 13. Come with your ticket to the Customer Service Point and you can be one of the lucky ones!

Don’t forget, luck doesn’t show up, it’s wanted! So you’ll have to come to the mall and try your luck. You can experience a real anniversary event. We have prepared a Matsuri experience that will leave no one indifferent. And there you’ll see if you’re really one of those lucky 13 people that luck is smiling at. You will be able to win any of the 13 prizes that the C. C. has won. on the occasion of his 13th birthday. Come to Habaneras and discover the prize that hides our 13th anniversary.

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