‘Ja Bonita Fábrica’ hand-crafted soap bars shop in Torrevieja

Made with 100% natural base ingredients and pure essential oils.

The owner places a jar filled with aromatic medicinal herbs on the shelf. – ©Anna Crowley

With Christmas around the corner, at Torrevieja.com we are launching a completely new section featuring eco-friendly commerces in Torrevieja.

Above hand-crafted soaps made by Ja Bonita Fárbica. – ©Anna Crowley

In order to launch this new initiative, over the coming weeks we’ll be talking about ‘Ja Bonita Fábrica’.
This shop, in particular, specialises in the craftsmanship and sale of handmade soap bars. Thus, for the hardcore soap bar consumers and the newbies alike, we would like to welcome you to this haven!

About La Jabonita

La Jabonita is a family run business that is managed by women.

They follow standard cosmetics practices and employ cruelty-free measures by not testing their products on animals. They’re registered with the competent national and European agencies thereby ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.

The owner drinks coffee in the lounge area. – ©Anna Crowley

With sustainability at the heart of their business, they make their soaps following the traditional 4-6 week saponification process. After this 6 week window, the soaps have completely cured with the lye and are completely safe to use.

Display of soaps for dry and sensitive skin. – ©Anna Crowley

They utilise 100% natural base ingredients and pure essential oils leaving out toxic chemicals and artificial colourings. And above all, they produce soap bars for all skin types including oilydry and sensitive skin.

Hand-made soap bars as gifts

©Anna Crowley

First off, if you’re looking for the ideal gift this Christmasthen the pack of soap bars makes the perfect gift set! 

When purchasing 3 of the same soaps in one single purchase, you earn a discount. In some cases, this can save you up to 3.5 EUR.

Above lavanda soap, individual price 7,5 EUR. – ©Anna Crowley

Additionally, for every 20 EUR spent in-store, you earn a free ticket to enjoy at the Torrevieja ice rink. As well as this, they have discounted tickets for sale as part of the APYMECO campaign.

And finally, they are running a Christmas prize raffle for purchases of 40 and 50 EUR. The prize includes soap making masterclasses and the opportunity to win the Christmas raffle basket below! The basket includes wine, food and of course handmade soap bars!

Chirstmas raffle – ©Anna Crowley

Please click through to see more examples of special gifts for weddings, communionsChristeningsbusinesses and so much more!

Online soap bar store

Moreover, they have a fully operating online shop for customers that cannot travel to the store. Their online catalogue includes a complete range of cold-pressed soaps, as well as other health and beauty products. For instance, vegetable sponges, wooden soap dishesessential oilsmedicinal herbs and more!

Above chocolate soap bar resting in a wooden soap dish. – ©Anna Crowley

Glicerine soap bars

The glycerine base of their glycerine soaps do not contain SLS ( sodium lauryl sulfate). Therefore, they do not irritate your skin, eyes or hair and their PH adapts to that of our skin. For this reason, they’re recommended for sensitive skin and children in comparison to soaps on the mainstream market. Another benefit is they’re non-allergenic. And least but not last, when used, they create a thin layer of lather and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated afterwards.

Above glycerine snowman soap, price 6 EUR. – ©Anna Crowley

To see more examples of glyercine soap bars, please click here.

Where is the shop located?

Address: C/ Antonio Machado, 14, 03181, Torrevieja, Alicante

The owners stand outside the main entrance. – ©Anna Crowley

Phone: for telephone enquiries, please call 602508058 and quote Torrevieja.com as your reference.

Timetable: due to a high volume of soap orders, they are currently open to the public from Monday to Saturday 17 to 20h until February and will re-open during the mornings from February onwards.

Inside the shop. – ©Anna Crowley

What other services do they offer?

  • They organise soap making workshops every Saturday from 17-19h.
  • The owners deliver individual and group masterclasses for up to 4 people.
  • They provide soap making activities for birthdays up to 6 people.
The owner holds a collection of different hand made soap bars. – ©Anna Crowley

Useful information about this establishment:

  • it includes a ramp for disabled access;
  • the shop is located in a very central location in the inner city;
  • the store is a recommended business for the LGBTQ community and
  • they offer home deliveries and do international deliveries.

Finally, if you would like us to promote your eco-friendly product or service, then please get in touch.

In the patio out back. – ©Anna Crowley

[ Torrevieja.com does not accept any liability for misuse of the products or allergic reactions that buyers may develop to them. Also, it is of good consumer practice to always try out new products on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours before proceeding. All prices and details are correct at the time of publishing.]

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