Pavements overrun by hungry chickens


The municipal group Los Verdes has reported that the birds of the Parque de las Naciones have not received any food.

When the park closed to the public due to the state of alarm, dozens of people are not around, who usually offer food to these animals.

Aceras invadidas por gallinas hambrientas
Aves en los alrededores de la calle Orihuela

Most of these birds are considered domestic and do not feed themselves, so the lives of roosters and chickens, which constitute the largest number of birds residing in the Parque de las Naciones, depend on human attention.

With no food for 2 weeks, the birds are leaving the park in search of food, invading the surrounding pavements, with the risk of being run over.

Several birds have been picked up dead on the road and inside the park.

Aceras invadidas por gallinas hambrientas

Dozens of chickens leave the enclosure running after people who pass by the park looking to be fed.

Aceras invadidas por gallinas hambrientas
Sacos de grano compradas por particulares para alimentar a las aves.

Los Verdes Municipal Group of Torrevieja

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  1. I find this hard to believe! My local council workers are continuing every day to sweep the pavement and even clearing the excrement some dog owners are not picking up themselves… You know who you are, shame on you!
    So, I’m surprised the fowls have been left to fend for themselves? Is this story true?

  2. Is it not possible that when the refuse collectors do their rounds, could they not throw a few handfuls of corn to the birds

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